First Install Mono

Mono: Since Pash is written in C# and depends on the .net framework, it requires you to install Mono.

  • Mac: To install on a Mac, you can easily get Mono with brew

    brew update && brew install mono

  • Linux: Checkout the Mono docs for installing Mono on Linux.
  • Windows: Checkout the Mono docs for installing Mono on Windows.

Pash Install

Due to how often the project is undergoing changes, it’s best to pull the latest from the source repository using git

  • Get the code
    • Prefer git: git clone
    • Fall-back: download via curl curl -L -o and unzip it.
  • cd Pash (cd into the project)
  • xbuild (this builds the project)

Run it

mono Source/PashConsole/bin/Debug/Pash.exe

Make it easy.

It’s a bit more convenient to type pash at a prompt and jump into the Pash Console so setup little alias in your shell’s profile (.bash_profile, .zshrc, other?) so you can run pash from anywhere and not have to type mono ...Pash.exe to spin up the shell each time.


alias pash='mono ~/PATH_TO_PASH/Pash/Source/PashConsole/bin/Debug/Pash.exe'

What now?

Come checkout the GitHub project, report bugs and help us out by sending in a pull requests…